The leather J-99 pants were Bucos best-selling racing pant, sold alongside as a counterpart to the J-100 racing shirt in the 1950s.  

This reimagined model features all the functional details of the J-99 pants with the material substituted from leather to a cotton cord cloth, the same fabric spec used for our N-1 deck jackets in fact. 

The ultra-dense plain-weave cotton fabric is ideal for riding as well as for casual use. The J-99 pants feature an inseam gusset, designed to make it easier to open the crotch from side to side when riding, and the inseam is also sewn with a higher thread count for durability.

  • Cotton Cord Cloth 
  • McCoy's Original Front Zipper 
  • 50s Talon Pocket Zippers 
  • Brass Dot Buttons
  • Made in Japan